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About Us

Thank you for visiting Dear Paw. We believe that pets deserve food prepared with the same love and care as we put into preparing meals for our own families. Just like how we prepare food for ourselves, we provide premium pet food made with high-quality, minimally processed whole food ingredients. Our mission is to provide the best care for your pets and to keep your pets healthy.

We understand that many pet owners would like to cook for their pets, but they can never find the time to cook or to find out what are the best foods for their pets.  Dear Paw is here to solve these problems for you.  

Product Feature

Product Feature:

Using Slow-cooked Method

Why we use the slow-cooked method with vacuum packed

The advantage of a slow-cooked method is that the foods are cooked at a relatively low heat for a longer time. This lower heat may not destroy as many nutrients as other methods such as steaming or boiling. Another benefit is that with slow cooker meals, the nutrients can often be recaptured when the resulting sauces or juices are kept in the pet meal.

To be made without artificial colors or preservatives. In addition, the packaging of pet food can be easily opened and reheat under the hot water. It saves a lot of time for the owner and making it ideal for when you go out with your pet.


Complete wet food with fresh meat and vegetables.

Food 100% natural with no artificial colors or preservatives.

Cooked with natural ingredients.

Premium quality ingredients suitable for human consumption, in origin.


High digestibility ensures a light and healthy digestion.



Hong Kong Dog Rescue - Peak to Fong 2018

Dear Paw donated 1,000 gift voucher for Hong Kong Rescue - Peak to Fong 2018

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